Thursday, 23 October 2014

Thursday Tunes

Greetings earthlings,

Due to various factors including work, laziness and illness I have not blogged since May.(shocking I'm sure..)
For those of you that are still here, thank you! I thought I'd ease myself back into blogging with a new edition of Thursday Tunes, so without further edue, here are 10 songs I've been loving this week. :)

Stay classy, 

1. Wet- I Don't Wanna Be Your Girl (Branchez Remix) Listen here
    2. Marina And The Diamonds- Obsessions (The Aspirin For My       Children Remix)   Listen here
   3. Josh Record- Wide Awake. Listen here
   4. Sinéad O'Connor- Take Me To Church. Listen here
   5. Marina And The Diamonds Boyfriend Cover. Listen here
   6. Paramore Ain't It Fun Listen here
   7. Thin Lizzy- Sarah Listen here
   8..The Riptide Movement- All works out. Listen here
   9.Thomas Cohen- Honeymoon. Listen here
   10. Hozier-Eden.  Listen here.

*Foreign Language song of the week*(Does that sound racist? Should I refer to it as 'Non-English song of the week? The struggle is real.)
Indila- Derniére Danse. Listen here

Who What Where Why When

Wet-   This Brookylyn based trio know what they're at.

Marina And The Diamonds- The Grecian Goddess that can do no wrong(in my eyes anyway.)

Josh Record- An upcoming superstar this guy is one to watch. I was lucky enough to see him perform live at Longitude festival last Summer and he was just as good, if not better, live.

Sinéad O'Connor- My spirit animal. The outspoken Irish music Queen herself is back with her new album 'I'm Not Bossy, I'm The Boss.'

Paramore- The song is good, the music video even better. A Guinness World Record in itself.

Thin Lizzy- I discovered Thin Lizzy a few years ago and haven't looked back since. This song is one of the sweetest out there, Phil Lynott's ode to his baby daughter Sarah. Phil Lynott is another spirit animal of mine. Thin Lizzy are easily the best Irish rock band to date(in my opinion) enjoy!

The Riptide Movement- This song has become very  well known in Ireland but I thought it would be a good one to include for those of you outside Ireland, one of Ireland's next biggest bands!

Thomas Cohen- You may need the Kleenex for this one. Thomas Cohen is the husband of the late Peaches Geldof. He wrote this song Honeymoon about/for her last year. I, like many of you I'm sure, was one of Peaches' many followers on instagram. Here I discovered Tom and his music. He was formerly in the band S.C.U.M before going solo. This song is mesmerizing, his voice could sooth the angriest soul.

Hozier- The Irish artist from Bray Co.Wicklow that is smashing it at the moment. Doing the Irish proud! His songs Take Me To Church(listen here) and Cherry Wine (listen here.) are also well worth a listen.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Thursday Tunes

Greetings Earthlings,

Welcome to the first installment of Thursday Tunes. Here are some of the songs I've been listening to this week. You'll probably already be familiar with most of them, but either way I hope you enjoy them :)

   Billy Idol- Dancing with myself- Click here to listen

             George Ezra- Budapest Click  here to listen

        Daithí Have to go ft Jesse Boykins III Click here to listen 

                                          Foxes -Let go for tonight Click  here to listen

       Janelle & Miguel Primetime Remix Click  here to listen

                                                    Lana Del ReyWest Coast Click here to listen

                     Aaron Smith-Dancin Krono Remix Click here to listen

                                              Lena Sateillete Click here to listen

            Destiny's Child Say my Name Cyril Hahn Remix(Majestic) Click here to listen

                                 Coldplay Magic Click here to listen 

                     Who What Where Why                     
Billy Idol-An 80's classic that I recently discovered.
George Ezra- An English 21 year old that's one to watch. 
Daithí- A talented fiddle playing dude who was a few years ahead of me in college, he's a sound lad and is also one to watch(one of his songs is now on a Bulmers ad) 
Foxes- I'm late to the game on this one but loving it. 
Janelle & Miguel- A decent remix, love their voices together. 
Lana Del Rey- Refer to my post on this Goddess here
Aaron Smith - Another decent remix. 
Lena-My ultimate guilty pleasure, a eurovision winner. I regret nothing. 
Destiny's Child Majestic Remix- Love this one for night's out, the perfect blend of the old and the new. Majestic remix's are the way to go.
Coldplay- Consciously loving it. 

That's all for today folks. 

Stay classy, 


Monday, 28 April 2014

This is what makes us girls?

Greetings earthlings, 

It's time to talk about girls. Not the humans, the tv show. The hugely popular Emmy winning tv show.  The hugely popular Bafta winning tv show. The hugely popular tv show that I had to turn off twenty minutes into the first episode.

Maybe I didn't give it a fair shot but nonetheless I'm going to proceed to excessively judge the show and it's cast based on those twenty minutes.

I won't delve too far into this one, but I have to put it out there. I don't like Lena Dunhman. I don't know her, but from what I've seen she seems pretty arrogant. That's all I'll say on the matter or I'll be here all night.

With regards the show itself I just felt it was trying too hard. The scenes between Lena's character and her boyfriend frankly just made me feel uncomfortable. I understand that the show is trying to go against the stereotypical series that involves beautiful casts and unrealistic story lines, but that's what I like. Shallow and all as it may sound, I like watching a world that's different to mine. Watching something different to your own life gives you a break from yours. Sure it's completely unrealistic and they usually consist of botoxed models in their twenties portraying teenagers, but that's what makes it, for me anyway. I get that Girls perhaps sends out a better image to young girls with regards body image etc and that's important but I'd still rather watch  the shallow nonsense that makes me feel like I've escaped my own reality, not something that reminds me of the struggles of being a hopeless youth strapped for cash.

Despite my views, the show is a mega success and I can't deny that. Maybe I'm seeing sense and the rest of the world has gone crazy. Of maybe in the run up to the end of my teenage years I've turned into a cranky syndic. Either way, I still turned off the tv after twenty minutes, and I guess I thought you should know.

Stay classy,

L xx

Thursday, 24 April 2014

The One When I Come Back

Greetings earthlings,

Once again, I have failed you. Are you sick of hearing that from me? I know I am. I have no real excuse, I was just lazy. However, I am back, and this time for real!! I can actually say that and mean it now because I have a lot of posts written and ready to upload. I've tried to make them good ones tomake up for lost time. As you may have noticed, Planet Lo has gotten a glamourous makeover! I'm really excited about it and hope it makes it a bit easier for you to navigate your way around the blog :)
For those of you that are interested, here is  my new schedule for this here blog named Planet Lo:

My Mondays- On Monday's I'll be writing about anything that I feel like. From lifestyle to beauty, it'll be a (hopefully interesting and entertainig) stream of conciousness of mine for you all to read.

Thursday TunesEvery Thursday I'll  be uploading a list of songs that I'm liking at the moment and a bit of info about them. It's a small feature but hopefully it'll help introduce you to music you may not be familiar with already.

Freaky FridayThis is a feature I'm very excited about. It involves collaborating with a fellow blogger. It won't be up and running for a few weeks yet. I'll let you know more closer to the time, watch this space!

Sundays- My week in pictures. Sunday's will be a quick recap of my week in pictures so you can see what I've been up to :) (This one will start this Sunday week-May 4th)

Here's hoping I manage to stick to this schedule!

If you have any ideas/ comments just send them my way.

Stay classy

Monday, 10 March 2014

She loved a number.

In January 2014 alone, there were 23 people killed on Irish roads. That's 23 lives cut short. That’s also 23 families destroyed, 23 people left without a best friend and some children left without a parent. 

It's easy to look at the number 23 and see nothing but a number. But when you know one of those ‘numbers’ you’d do anything to bring them back.  I always felt for those who knew victims of road accidents but it wasn't until this year that I truly felt the devastating effect it has on people. 

​When I felt my friend's shoulders shaking in my arms as she wept I realised exactly how real every single one of those numbers are. She loved a number, her friend had died on our roads,a young man's life cut short.  She was in shock, we were all in shock. His family has been shook forever. They'll learn to live with it in time but they'll never get over it, nobody ever does.  

She cried, I cried, a lot of people cried. A lot of people will continue to cry. At first in public, at wakes and funerals. Then in private, every day. With time they'll become less frequent, but tears will always fall for him, at Christmas later this year and at family weddings 20 years from now. As long as people who loved him live, tears will always fall for him. He may be down in the death records as just another number, but it’s not just his life that’s over.

We all know how important road safety is but I don't think we truly realise it until we are effected by it. When it happens, when someone you know or  loved, is needlessly killed on the road you want everything to change. Your first extinct is that all cars should be taken off the road, forever. With time, you realise this is unrealistic so you move on to the roads. You want every single road in the country to be rebuilt, twice as wide, as straight and as safe. Then you want the speed to be gone. You want every car to be replaced with new, slower ones that cannot go any faster than 50kmh. Unfortunately, very few of these things can or will happen realistically. You know that after this tragedy that you will always drive carefully, never testing limits, be it those of speed or alcohol levels in blood. But you know that the tragedy that has effected you will not affect everyone. The day after your loved one dies, people will still get into their cars and drive too quickly and people will still drive their cars after drinking. There will be days when you'll want everyone to experience the tragedy of someone they know or love dying on the roads. You know that if everyone loses someone they love then chances are that we'll all drive carefully.

When someone dies on the road, there is no time to prepare. Yes, you can comfort yourself that they didn't have to suffer a sickness but you can also tear yourself apart with the fact that if they hadn't gotten in that car, they'd still be here. It is an extremely hard situation to find comfort in. You can only hope that your loved one is one of the lucky ones who is killed instantly instead of suffering for hours. Someone has to identify the body. Someone has to see their loved one in an sometimes unrecognisable state, something that you wouldn't wish on our worst enemy. 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

I got meningitis yo.

Greetings earthlings,

As you may have noticed, I have not a written a blog post  here on Planet Lo in a long time.
There are two reasons for this. Number One- I had blogger's block, I simply couldn't think of anything to write about. Number Two? I got meningitis. Yup, the ole meninges got inflammed and knocked me for six.

How did I get meningitis? I have no idea. But someone obviously wanted me dead, I'm watching you all...
To put it simply, I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst headache imaginable and persisted to vomit continuously.(lovely I know)....the rest is history. But thankfully, 8 weeks later I am finally back to myself, and ready to blog! (Thanks to my wonderful Mother and the hospital staff!)
I wasn't sure what picture to put with this I put one of my face? Proof I'm alive I guess? Oh, and I got new specs. 

If you've stuck around all this time then thank you! If new to Planet Lo then welcome!

Sickness aside, I have some news for ye!---Planet Lo will be getting a major makeover in January and I'm so excited for you all to see it. I also have some other very exciting news that I can't wait to share with ye! All will be revealed in January.  

On a serious note, meningitis is quite a serious illness, early detection is key, it is very important to know the signs. Click HERE to visit the ACT(an Irish meningitis prevention organisation) webpage to learn about the signs and symptoms.
I'll be back soon with a new post :) 

Stay classy, 

L xx

Monday, 1 July 2013

20 Things to do before you turn 20

Greetings earthlings,

As usual, I shall start things of with me apologizing for being so bad at this whole blogging thing. I'm sorry for my absence of late. A combination of work, wisdom teeth extraction, writer's block and general laziness saw me abandoning you all. This won't happen again I promise!

I turned 19 on the 27th of May. I've only one year left of being a teenager and I plan to make it a good one! Although to be honest I'm not dreading turning 20 next year as I'm just happy to be alive! I think birthdays should always be seen as a great thing no matter what age you are. However I do get it. I get that birthday especially the one that marks the end of your teenage years can be upsetting. I think the reason people can get bit upset at birthdays is because they start to think of all the things they want to accomplish but still haven't.
That's why I'm going to set myself the '20 Things to do before you turn 20' challenge. This way, although there will still be a lot of things left that I want to do I will have at least 20 to appreciate.

 Me as a young Spring chicken and me now just after I turned 19. Apologises to my friend Annie who I rudely cropped out of the pic!

Because it's my last year of being a teenager I want to make sure I set myself some fun things to do. That said, I need to throw in a few 'grown up' accomplishments so that when I turn 20 I'm not absolutely terrified of being an actual adult in the real world.

I will of course be documenting each of these tasks right here on Planet Lo so you can all follow my journey.
Are you facing your last year as a teen? Your first? Maybe the last year of your 20's, 30's.40's? Whatever the age, it doesn't matter, everyone can benefit from setting themselves tasks for the year ahead. So if you're up for it, do it! Make a list of things you've always wanted to do-and do them! Follow me on twitter at @PLANETLO1and let me know how you're getting on with a tweet or with a pic! Or you can leave a comment right here on Planet Lo.

I'll be doing one of these tasks roughly every two weeks, depending on the task in question. I will be adding to this 20 Things To Do Before You Turn 20 series every second Sunday on Planet Lo.Finally, a bit of direction!  In between these posts you can expect my general waffle, but hopefully I can develop more of a genre. We'll have to wait and see!
Thanks for stopping by :)

Stay classy,

L xx

 Me as a young spring chicken and me shortly after I turned 19. Apologizes to my friend Annie who I rudely cropped out! Hopefully I won't have aged so drastically in my 20th birthday pic!